Complexity as dynamical depth

(With Spyridon Koutoufinis) A critical difference distinguishing machines from organisms and computers from brains is not complexity in a structural sense but a difference in dynamical organization that is not well accounted for by current complexity measures. We propose a measure of the complexity of a system that is largely orthogonal to computational, information theoretic, or thermodynamic conceptions of structural complexity.

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Symbols and religion

(With Tyrone Cashman) Exploring the religious predisposition as a consequence of the evolution of human symbolic competence.

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Steps to a metaphysics of incompleteness

(With Ty Cashman) Speculations about the metaphysical implications of his approach to emergence, teleology, information, and sentience, which sharply
contrast with the currently dominant mechanistic metaphysics yet also contrast with current vitalist,
pan-experientialist, theological, and process-metaphysics perspectives.

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What connects the map to the territory?

Julie Hui and Tyrone Cashman: Though Gregory Bateson failed to develop a theory of intentionality, reference, ÔÇťaboutness,” he left us all the tools necessary to resolve this ambiguity and to lay the groundwork for a natural science theory of intentionality.

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